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I do not know anything about meds. As to the heat, that is a problem for me. Soak in cool water and look into a cooling vest if you are outside. I sleep under a ceiling fan and run the A/C in the truck. I have a cooling vest the MS Association provided via there lending program.

As to leg cramps, this can be overcome with proper hydration and stretching. My mom found that her cramps were from RLS. She takes Requip, but she also found relief when she increased her levels magnesium (at bedtime) and potassium(3 times per day). She was also taking European Horsechestnut. The doctor advised 30 days maximum on the horsechestnut and then getting your blood tested and further horsechestnut approved by a doctor. (She got advice from a European doctor who treats RLS. He treats RLS there with herbs and vitamin/mminerals first before prescribing pharmaceuticals).