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I'm due at the doc's for a lower spine workup next month. Hopefully they will discover what's going on. When I find out, I'll let everyone know what it is and what they did.

The doctors I talked to about this over the years have wanted it to be RLS, but the symptoms didn't match exactly. One doc wanted to prescribe ReQuip for it, but the cost was insane.

Thanks for all your replies.

I have searched and searched for help with this. My Rheumatologist had no idea. I do have restless leg syndrome - maybe it is a part of it. Mine is almost constant - drives me nuts. I wish I could take a wire brush to my back, but I know it's too deep and can't be scratched. It was off and on for awhile and for the past two weeks, almost constant. Bengay takes the edge off a little. If anyone finds treatment for it, please post! I was reading requip's side effects and they seem worse than what they're treating!