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How old is he now? I'm 50 and have had symptoms for at least 4 years but was diagnosed in Jan 07. NOT THE WAY I WANTED TO TURN 50 and enjoy my empty nest!!! If he is newly diagnosed, you might want to get another opinion on meds. A traditional neuro might start with sinemet but from what I've read and info from the docs I've seen you might want to see if some of the newer drugs would be a better starting point. From what I've been told (and group please correct me if I'm wrong), Miraplex/Requip help the body make more dopamine, Azilect helps the body use it more effectively and Sinemet is replacement dopamine. While virtually all neuros have PD patients you might want to find one that is a "movement disorder" specialist.
There are 4 classes of drugs used to treat PD symptoms. They work on a
different part of the neurotransmission system. They are; 1.) Replacement
therapy. Sinemet a dopamine precursor (it is cnverted into dopamine).
2.) Dopamine agonists. (Mirapex, Requip) They directly stimulate the dopamine receptors. 3.) Inhibitirs of dopamine metabolism. Comptan
(Entacapone) inhibits the enymye COMP, and Azilect inhibits the enzyme
COMT. 4.) Anticholinergic agents. ( Cogentin, Artane).

John g