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My first symptom of PD was toes that couldn't stop moving with accompanying pain. Requip helps with the pain but the uncontrollable movement continues. Anyone with same problem?
Hi glama9,
Is your uncontrolable toe movement a tremor ?? Many PD suffers develope dyskinesia which is involuntary abnormal movements; and caused (usually with PD) by to much
PD drugs, (As Stalevo, or Requip). With time the chances of dyskinesia developing is greater. Since you have had it from the begining, I don't think it is dyskinesia. Dyskinesia can be caused by neurological damege. Ex. siatic nerve injury, spinal cort disorders, etc.
Parodoxically, under treatment of PD can alow the PD symptoms to conmtinue. ( if they are due to PD).
John g