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I'm 50 and was diagnosed about 1 1/2 years ago but I've had symptoms for about 4 years. I take Requip (1mg 3x/d) and it does help me.

Like others have said, every case of PD is different and yes it is degenerative so if you really truly have PD (and I'm not totally convinced I do) you will get worse over time. Defining if that time is months, years, or decades is the unknown. I've had ups and downs but have been at pretty much the same level for over a year.

You don't hear "good news" here because the people here have various issues and are looking for answers. The people who are content with where they are, generally don't seek boards like this - so don't let it discourage you. Perhaps seek a local support group. I'm in a rural area and I work 40+ hours a week so for me that's not an option.

This board does need more people to post positive experiences - so if anyone can - please we'd love to hear from you.!!!

Good luck.