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hi there, i called my neuro complaining with this. i described it differently. it feels to me like the muscles are locked as tight as they will go. its the most severe muscle cramps i have ever had. he is checking me for ms, but i don't have a diagnosis yet. he did find a severe b12 deficiency tho. he also called it RLS. he started me on Requip, but i can't tell that it is helping at all. the problem isnt only at night. it is all day long. he said that it was due to he b12 deficiency. but in reading up on ms, it could be the spasticity thing, i guess, if it ends up that i have ms. just thought id pipe in and say hi and give my experiense.
I've got restless legs also and take Requip, which works well for me.

I found that if i do a good leg stretch before going to bed it works wonders, the legs aren't as annoying. On nights that is is really bad I take the requip
Thank you both for your replies, they are very much appreciated.

David, do you also take interferon? Do you find that the Requip increases your general MS-related fatigue at all?

SlightlyBroken, welcome to the Board & good luck with the diagnosis. Keep us posted with how it goes.

Thanks again :)
amy, i'm on copaxone

i don't feel that the Requip makes me more tired, but a side effect of it is sleepiness, so i only use it at bed time

like i said, stretching does wonders, i not only stretch my legs before bed, i stretch my whole body every day