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I was using vicodin after surgery last December and had no effect on my rls. The only thing that helps is 1mg Requip. Also gets me asleep fast. Sometimes I get nauseous for about 20 minutes, then usually i just fall asleep. The nausea was greatest the first month or so that I started the medication. That was in November if 2001. I usually take it for a week or so, then go off for 2 days (if I can stand it). I have had RLS since I was very young. I'm 32 now. It's tolerable at night but most of the time if I take the Requip a half hour before my planned bed time there is no problem. Sometimes I have a very deep sleep and wake 4 hours later. This seems to be when I don't do any exercises (I try to bike 2-4 miles a day and walk if the weather permits).

If there is anyone out there that hasn't tried Requip, I think you should do it. It may work for you.