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I have RLS as well for the past 9 yrs. I take mirapex to control it. July 04 I was diagnoised w/Celiac disease.I can't tolerate wheat or gluten. I also have acid reflux & hiadle hernia. CD was found by my GI looking for the source of being anemic. Before going on mirapex I was on requip. Mirapex works sooo much better for me. This is even before I knew about CD. My docs have not made a connection with it. I will ask at my next visit.(RLS & CD). With CD, You tend to lose weight, and get a rash & fatiuge. I have gained lbs. 40lbs since being diagnoised and have the rash, and very fatuige. My body never seems to go along with the book. Have your GI or MD run a blood test re: CD.
This is hereditary.
Take care!!