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Quote from Justoneofus:
Hey Joe (or should we name you noductman?)

My goodness Joe. You have been thru the wringer with the dry eye syndrome. My goodness. Like you,I think I can deal with the nerve pain so long as it doesnt get progressively worse, but I need clarity to do my work. Paralegals can't be dingy! And since I have reduced my meds way down.. I have pretty decent clarity.. more fatigue than anything in that area. I am gonna talk with my boss and see if I still have a job and can come back part time in the next two weeks.

You dont sleep with your eyes open do you? I know that can often really complicate dry eye. Do you have a special ointment you have to use at night? I had eye surgery at age 4, eye patches, ointments.. the whole nine yards. I feel so sorry for you guy, and I hope that it gets better for you.

Well Signing off for now.. Talk to you later. Ankles :bouncing:

Hey Tammy aka Ankles, I won't won't start with the laywer jokes because my brother's a lawyer and there not jokes.. Paralegal = lawyer in training. I know it takes alot of running around so hopefully you'll get to go back parttime. I know what you mean being fatigued, After the 2nd surgery even wearing sweats bothered me. I couldn't stand anything around my waist. Do I sleep with my eyes open? Umm how could I tell? I know when my Dad had parkinsons he slept with his eyes open. But I don't think so, but knowing me that I'd hate to miss anything I just might sleep with them open. I have use Restasis twice a day along with artifical tears 6 times a day and at night I have to use a gel type artifical tears. No need to feel sorry for me, have to have a positive attitude ya know I'm looking at the posstive, before and after the 2nd surgery I couldn't walk at all, now I can walk a good hour or so that's a move in the right direction. I still have trouble putting my right sock on buts that's getting better. Sooo things are looking up. I hope your boss takes you back as I know we all want to live a painfree productive life.

Catch ya later.. "noductman" aka Plugs