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I cannot believe what I just read...obviously written by someone with a average child if any!
As a mother of 3 children...13 yr old with Bipolar with psychotic tendencies and a 10 year old with OCD and a 3 yr old that makes me thank god she is ok...I can honestly say that if werent for Risperdal (anti psychotic medication) I would have lost my daughter to suicide...her hallucinations got her to the point of suicide a few times...and that had nothing to do with her fricken diet!!!!! Man that makes me soooo mad.
Who are you to judge pareents who have to medicate their children? Do you think we want to medicate our children? Do you think because of the meds my daughter is calm and happy and rational now? well she isnt..but ya know what she is alive :)
Man you have triggered me now!