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  1. Generic drugs & brand name drugs
    ... t take blood pressure meds, but I do take generic Ritalin . If I forget to say otherwise when I turn in my prescriptio ... very different! One brand acts just like name-brand Ritalin (calming both my mind and body), and the other acts...

  2. Low BP, but goes high in response to stress?
    ... Heart rate is also low, 40-55 bpm before I started Ritalin (for fatigue), now anywhere from 45-100 although typically...

  3. Anything else to try?
    ... discernable side affects (for me), especially none like Ritalin (Concerta is the same med as Ritalin (mythylphenidate...
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  4. I need low blood pressure advise
    ... instead of lowering it. I imagine it works the same way ritalin does for ADD, even though it is a stimulent. I agree...
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