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Chavela, I almost could have written your post.

I'm 57, THR April, 2006 due to severe localized OA, went back to work after 8 weeks, active. My recovery was quick and fairly uneventful except for persistent severe low back pain which I had never had prior to surgery and temporary thigh muscle tightness relieved by Robaxin (muscle relaxant) once a day for a month. I was gardening at 3 weeks, I lift weights 2x/week and by 4 months post op was back at my pre surgical level. I fast walk 30' daily, live in NYC and don't own a car so my commute is by subway (lots of steps) and shopping and life in general is on foot. Low back pain persisted.

Late December, 8 months after surgery, I developed severe groin pain, front thigh pain into my upper knee, and was unable to walk 1 flight of stairs so was back to one step at a time - my preop symptoms. I was unable to do the straight leg lifts that I had been doing effortlessly shortly after the surgery.

With a little help from my friends and a lot of looking on the web, I narrowed the possibilities and several were treatable by stretching, which was within my control. When I started PT in mid January (with a back prescription) it was for a good stretching program. I do it daily. The PT does ultrasound 1/week. I have had gradual but significant improvement over the past 6 weeks. I went back to taking a 10' walk mid morning and mid afternoon (which I had stopped in November). My muscles still often cramp soon after I relax but I'm going to continue this program for a while. If the improvements don't become lasting then I'll pursue other options.

I don't do Yoga but I started with Yoga hip flexor stretches I found online. I would encourage anyone who wants to stretch to start looking there.

kristin, I'm with you that I don't accept the blind reassurance from the surgeon. I want a definitive answer and sometimes there just isn't one. I wouldn't just wait for time to pass and that's why I started focused stretching.

Anne, I too have concluded that to some extent the stretching is forever.