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Hi to all! GOD HELP US! I am new here. Here is my story.
Pain in lower back and buttocks into legs started around year 2000. I tried meds, PT, and adjustments. My family doctor sent me to the pain clinic.
12-04-01 and 1-3-02 Pain Clinic - SI Joint injections. No relief.They said to see a Neurosurgon.
11-06-02 Lumbar Laminotomy Discectomy (Lumbar Decompression Fusion).Three level L2-L5. Titanium rods and screws. I was told I should be back to work in 4-6 months.
In February, started PT. Lasted 5 weeks. Even Roxicet wasn't helping.
I am seeing a Pain Specialist now. Possible failed fusion. I wear a bone stimulator for 3 more months, then maybe more surgery. I take 1 60gm Morphine and 2 10mg Baclofen daily. The pain is still horrible. At least I can sleep 5 hours, but wake up in horrible pain in lower back, going into my buttocks and down my legs, and pain in left groin. Some days are worse than others. I can't sit or stand or lay down for too long. Crying on a daily basis is normal for me now.I applied for SSDI last week.
The only thing worse than my situation, is knowing that other people like yourselves suffer also.I will now say a Prayer for all of you . Ed.
PS, Baxter, you are a Saint, and an inspiration to us.