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I'm sorry you're in so much pain; I can definitely sympathize with you, though. I'm having horrible sciatic pain now too and cannot sleep. I can't lay down in any position at all, no matter what I do, the pain is so seething. I do have percocets, which dampen the pain a little but not enough. And it only lasts a couple hours. I had severe lumbar stenosis (and I'm praying now that I dont have it in another area) and no pain killers touched that pain. However, the pain killers did help alot with my post surgical pain. To me, it seems those painkillers help more with wound pain, muscle pain, headaches, etc...but they don't seem to touch bad nerve pain. I havent tried anything yet that really helps the nerve pain (and in teh past i've tried roxicet, percocet, prescription antiinflammatories, vicoprofen, hydrocodone, lidocaine shots, even elavil). I havent ever gone to the ER for any back pains, though. I have gone to walk in urgent care centers where you don't need an appointment, but they just gave me the pain meds as well. Personally I never went because I have a feeling my insurance would not consider it an "emergency" and not pay for it. I've seen this happen with friends of mine. But if the pain is so unbearable, maybe you should go away as they may find you some relief.