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the drug is called salsalate...look it up on the pills interner sight.....non narco.....chef
The Salsalate that i take is blue but it has an A and the mg. on one side and nothing on the other. I take it for joint pain and it's not a narcotic. I don't think that's what the pill is that she found. It doesn't come in mg. as low as 10. The most common is 500mg. but there are others.
the V is the symbol of the manufacturer, it's most likely the same generic pharmaceutical company that makes soma. The only Valium you'll see with a V one it are the name Brands with the punch hole, and you have to get those from mexico or canada, But chef is right, it is salsalate much like vioxx or any other nsaid, I was on it for a while before I switched to vioxx and now bextra, it's still a prescription drug though, how did he get it?