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Pain sometime causes us to do things that are required.
But Life is never the same with a hip replacement. It is just different. My wife had the surgery 10 years ago. She was told one hip is worn out and the other is not far behind and she needs a back brace--- 3 Doctors opinions!!

Well with a replaced hip -- you can never kneel down without the possibiliy of popping the hip out of place--- so it is restrictive but may be needed. The legs are rarely EVEN so you may need a pad to keep from limping and putting your back slightly out.
My wife has taken Gluecosamine/ Chondronitin and MSM--- since 1995 and has never had the other hip replaced, never wore a back brace.

She also could not take NASIDs even prior to surgery because of severe stomach problems they caused -- So, she took Tylenol some homeopathic remedies and sometimes Ultraset. She has taken Salsalate daily for the pass 3 or 4 years for arthiritis pain.