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My latest visit to the witchdoctors at the VA was to see how they can manage my fibromyalgia.

After shaking the rattles, the "doc" suggested 4 possible treatments.

One was giving me Salsalate to take 2x a day. Salsalate I'd been on before. Might as well give me some more "Ranger Candy" (Motrin). Useless!

Another option was to take a relative of Elavil which never agreed with me. The "doc" said it would be Nortryptiline which would give me the same side effects as I had with Elavil, but it's not Elavil. Duh....Why give it to me if it makes me feel as miserable as Elavil did?

Another was to do pool therapy three times a week. Warm pool, with an instructor making me stretch. I've heard this does help somewhat. I guess if I'm willing to drive 90 miles round trip to the VA, three times a week with gas costing $2.29 a gallon, I can do it.

The last option was to have novocain injected into my worst pain sites. The "doc" said he couldn't do all of them because I have too many. Just maybe one or two sites that bother me the most.

Is this novocain injection something new? Is it highly recommended by "real" doctors outside the VA? Has anyone ever had them and what have they achieved? Or is this just some new thing to try and the VA needs a guinea pig? Is it possible to develop a tolerance to the novocain so that when the dentist shoots you up, novocain won't work? What are the downfalls of such treatment?