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The problem with all supplements on the market is that there are no standards for manufacturing them. They are not regulated. Some are very good and some are very poor and all stages in between!! just like vitamins and mineral supplements on the market.

I suggest that you get the book and read it and follow the Doctor's directions. I certainly think it helps.

Dr. Jason Theodosakis. MD,MS,MPH, FACPM wrote the book "The Arthritis Cure" in 1996 and did the research on using Glucosamine and Chondroitin.

My wife has osteoarthritis and had a hip replaced in 1994. She was told by 3 Doctors that the other hip was not far behind and she needed a back brace. A recent MRI of her back --- the Pain management doctor told her that her back was fine --- in the best 10% he looks at~~~

She has taken Glucosamine sulfate, Chondroitin since 1996 and for the past several years added MSM.
She does not wear a back brace and the cartilage in the other hip has regenerated and she has not had the hip replaced so far--- 11 years now.

She takes 1000mg of GS-500 by Enzymatic Therapy once daily and 750mg Glucosamine sulfate, 600 mg Chondrotin sulfate and 500 mg MSM by Doctor's Best twice daily all with meals. I am sure there are other brands that work.
Just be careful -- some people are allergic to meds but we have had no problems except--Glucosime HCL does not work for us.
We have tried many brands that were not very good.

My wife does not take NSAID because she has not found one that does not upset her stomach but she does take-- Salsalate daily and on occassion take Ultraset for pain so the Glucosamine/ Chondroitin and MSM is not fully effective at her stage of of osteo but it is for me. But, I am not anywhere near her stage.

I think just like other medications you have to take the full prescribed dose for it to be effective.

I wish you well---Harry