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i am there, so i feel really bad for you both and know what you are going thru. right now i am in the longest flareup ever, just on my right side from hip to toes, like a bad charlie horse grabbing all the time. i am also losing my balance, and use a cane when i go out for fear of falling.
i have been on pain meds and everything else for yrs now. recently my rheumo has had me try lyrica and salsalate. i've been on them for 11 days now along with my other meds and feel no different. this flareup started in july and has been 24/7 since then!
i find heat does'nt take away pain but feels better while on it. i don't have a pad that covers me from hip to toes though!
hope you feel better soon, keep in touch on your progress...bevann