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my rheumo put me on 3 new meds about a month ago. the flare-up i had lasted 3 months until i finally went to see my rheumo. when he put me on the new meds, within 2 wks the flare-up ended. i was still having pain everywhere, but it seems to be less. i wanted to know if anyone here had been given the same meds and they worked the same, or if this is just a coinsidence and the flare-up going away and my having the better pain days would have happened anyway?
the meds are...lyrica 150mg, 3 x a day...cyclobenzaprine 10mg, 3 x a day...salsalate 750mg x 2, 2 x a day.
i would love to hear from anyone that has been on any of these meds.
thanks so much.......bevann