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i started taking lyrica back in oct.2007....started at 50mg 3xday, now up to 150mg 3xday. my rheumo back in oct. put me on 2 other drugs also...salsalate 750mg 2 2x a day.....flexeral 10mg 3xday.
i have definitely had an increased appetite from lyrica, i just eat something and w/in 1/2 hr. have to eat again. i've been doing alot of snacking in between meals that i never did before.
i put on 10lbs, which is alot for me..i am a diabetic, and also have back problems, and degenerative disc and joint disease. it is not good for me to put on weight, it will only make these problems worse.
i have an appt. with him next tues., when i will tell him about all this. what i hate is the lyrica seems to be helping, i've had no flareups! my body just can't handle the extra weight.
hope you all have a good w/end......bevann