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[QUOTE=Lutheran122;3422771]1] What is the best way to keep inflammation from occuring in the arterys? Is there a supplement that can help me achieve this? ....
This begs the question, what causes the inflammation in the first place? There are probably a number of different causes, but a major one is thought to be oxidative stress. It is the result of inhaling smoke and/or pollution, and the consumption of processed foods, especially food containing partially hydrogenated oils and/or unsaturated oils that have been used in cooking. High insulin and stress hormone levels are also thought to cause inflammation. Anti-oxidant vitamins, like vitamin C and E, supposedly reduce inflammation, but study results are inconclusive. Aspirin is an anti-infammatory, but causes stomach bleeding in large doses. A recent study with salsalate produced encouraging results, reducing CRP by 34%. But an earlier study suggests that it increases heart attack risk. So who knows? Probablythe best you can do is is get those lifestyle factors in line with good health. Find a clean environment, reduce stress, eat whole foods and get lots of exercise.