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i have been on lyrica, salsalate, and flexeril, for 3 mos now. i have gained 10lbs in 3 mos. also been dozing off while eating, sitting up watching tv, reading. i've had cfs several yrs. with fibro, but never to this extent. it's hard to tell if this has helped my fibro, because i have body pain issues from other things too. i asked the rheumy how i could tell what was acting up at the time and he said i can't.
i would love to get any response i could please......i am miserable! bevann
thanks so much for your replies. i take 150mg lyrica 3xday, 10mg flexeril 3xday, 1500 mg salsalate 2xday. i also take 10mg percocette and 10mg valium for flareups, whether it be fibro, or my other bone and spine problems.i usually stay at my ideal weight of 140, with the new meds, in 3 mos time i am at 153...5'4 tall.
my body problems and diabetes need me to stay at a healthy weight. i have an appt. with my rheumy 2/22, and will talk to him once again. both him and my gp think i should be leveled out now, and start losing the weight and not being tired. well, guess what, not happening!
i have been in a bad flare for a few days, could be arthritis/joint disease/my spine/fibro, or everything put together.
hoping less pain for everyone......bevann
thankyou blue....i have since stopped the flexeril except for 1 at nite...still taking lyrica and salsalate as directed. i have not been falling asleep eating a sandwich LOL), reading a book or watching tv, which is wonderful!
i have my rheumy appt. on 2/22, i will discuss things with him then.
i seem to be getting worse with the memory or saying the wrong words! i already had an mri of the brain and a brain wave done, so all is ok there! really? my sis has fibro also, so when we talk, we play charades with each other, guessing what the other one is trying to say!!!
i live in florida, so that big redwood tree sounds wonderful!

thanks to all who replied...hoping you all have less pain days...bevann