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lorie, thankyou so much for writing, you are helping me alot. you are so young compared to me, but i do remember myself at your age..however, i feel that i should be helping you more, because you are so young.
i have'nt posted until now because i have been in an awful fibro flare. all i did on monday nite was roll over and i got such a pain spasm affecting my whole upper left side..tried to treat myself on tues. finally had to go to my rhemo on weds. he gave me an injection in the upper arm (said it was going into a major muscle so should help the whole area), today (sunday) i still have some of the area spasms, but not as severe and in less spots. he said if i don't feel better by tues. to call him.
i have been taking a new med regiment since oct 2007 for the fibro. lyrica, flexerall, and salsalate. he had me taking all of them 3 x a day, and to high mg's. i was even falling asleep while i was eating! talk about zonked out!! he had me cut back on them, until this newest flare...he wanted me back on the larger doses again.
it is great that you are able to get excersise...i do have a heated pool, but on bad days cannot even think about going in.
you are right about not wanting help from anyone. i'm even upset if hubby has to help me, he gets angry that i might do something to hurt myself worse. i feel as though when we married, he had no idea he would be stuck with someone disabled, but has been here for 37 yrs. i really need to start living the life i have (like you have done)and stop having a pity party here.
i really enjoy talking to you, and anyone else that wants to join in would be great also.......have a great day, lorie.................bevann