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hello, glad you are posting here, this is a wonderful board of people who live like we do.
my daily meds are calcium, magnesium and zinc in one pill...2 vitamin d...lyrica, flexerill, salsalate(anti-inflamatory), prozac, percosette, valium, and trazadone. my daily schedule is 3 lyrica..3 flexeril..2 in the am and 2 in the pm of salsalate..percosett and valium as needed..trazadone 1 to sleep. also forgot about the am and pm fish oil and multi-vitamin.
i've had fibro for about 30 yrs now, also ddd..degenerative spine and joint disease (have had both knees and 1 hip replacement) my doc said i won't be able to tell what is hurting me or in a flare, because it all acts the same pain wise.
please keep posting here to let us know how you're doing, or just to vent.
take care...feel better......bevann