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hi kass...i take 150 mg 3xa day, also flexeril 3xday, and an anti inflamatory (salsalate) 2 tablets 2xday. i started on these meds back in oct 2007. when my rheumy first started me, everything was less mg, he upped them gradually to see if i could handle it...i am doing what i call fine with the new meds.
i am also on 10mg percosett and 10mg valium, for my bad pain days, and my flare days. we are trying to get approval from the ins. co. so i can change from prozac to cymbalta.
i am never pain free, just the edge is off my pain...less flares, and when i do get a flare it does'nt seem to last long.
i really hope that lyrica helps you so you have less pain.....bevann