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hello to all! i believe my fibro, cmp and all that goes with it started in 1969, after being in a bad car accident. my main injury was i dislocated my hip and had to stay in the hosp. for 6 wks in traction. also, my first spine injury was at 11...falling from a horse. i had been seeing a rheumy and neurologist for a long time. when my rheumy retired...i got referred to a new one that had just started her practice....this was around 1990, and she diagnosed me with having fibro..i had never heard about it before, and she had learned everything she could about it. with the problems of past medical and present being more severe...she said i could have had this about 25 yrs w/out knowing.
over the yrs i have built up a long history with everything. my dx's are..ddd, djd,fibro, mfs, tmj, osteo arthritis...and after a couple falls with no notice, my neurosurgeon said mri shows spinal fluid is drying up.
my meds are cybalta, percosett, flexerill, salsalate, valium..the cymbalta is the only one i take daily. the others are all as needed meds.
i've had 2 knees and 1 hip replaced...both my shoulders are a mess and very painful...i will see my ortho for that in sept.
i definitely believe fibro gets worse over time, i also wish they could come up with a good med for pain, one that you don't lack energy taking it.
take care everyone.....bevann