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hi fibro...i have had fibro along with other problems for 30 yrs now. during that time i have been on every med available. for me, i don't believe i ever get my pain under control. i explain my days as good pain day, bad pain day, and flareup day.
right now i am taking cymbalta daily..my other meds i take only when i'm in a flare, they are...valium...percosett...pain patches....flexerill...an anti-inflammatory med (salsalate ) and of course trazadone every nite for sleep. the reason i try to hold back as much as i can on the as needed drugs is so when i really need them, they will take the edge off my pain...if i take them daily i will become immune to them (from experience).

take care, and i hope you can find the right combo to help you...bevann