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[QUOTE=zoey1;3684406]You menentioned 2 meds i kept on thinking why he didn't try you with a cotail approach or combination. Such as low dose amitrilplen , or low dose beta blockers, or xanax . Some alternative approaches work. Have you ever been seen by a rhumatologist for artithus? That would consern me about the direction of a chiropractor, esepcaily if active RA was involed.
Also what about massasages? Have you looked into trying any alternative approaches? T Chi , meditation bio feedback.... Just a few more suggestions.
Just ask, as far as needing more help. I saw my doc thursday he noticed during the exam extra spams /pain and he is recomending extra treatment.
Good luck and i sure hope your levels get down soon. I noticed incoming storms can affect pain levels pressure as well . Is the weather acting up or changing ( just wondering)

I guess I should have started with a list of my current meds & diagnosis:
K-Dur 20 meq 2xday
Triamterene 75/HCTZ50 mg 1xday
Cardura 4mg 1xday
Neurontin 800 mg 4xday (total 3200mg day)
Klonopin .5 mg 1 1/2 1xday
Nexium 40 mg 2xday
Singulair 10mg 1xday
Clarinex 5mg 1xday
Amitriptylline 25mg 1xday
Ibuprofen 800 mg 3xday
Salsalate 750mg 2-2xday
Mirapex 1mg 1xday
Keppra 500mg 3-2xday (total 3000mg day)
Fentanyl patch 50mcg - 1 patch changed every 72 hrs
Levothyroxine .15mcg 1xday
Hytoscyamine .375mg 2xday
ZomigZMT 5mg as needed

Have 1 kidney
Primary potassium syndrome
Non-diabetic neuropathy (probably cause of neuropathy was auto acc age 14)
Sleep disorders (OSA, CSA, PLMD, RLS, alphawave intrusion disorder) w/use of CPAP at 19cm
Fibromyalgia (26+ yrs)
Gerd (probably from years of swallowing so many pills!)
Allergies & familal asthma
Mild RA (as of last visit w/rheumy 2 yrs ago, probably worse by now)
Seizure disorder secondary to MS
Hashimotos (thyroid disorder, newly diagnosed)
Upper back, neck pain, bulging C5-6 & herniated C-7 (5 different neurosurgeons refused to do surgery because of complexity)
Meniere's (bilateral, affects balance, untreatable unless I want to be deaf in both ears)
Sjogrens (newly diagnosed)
Thoracic & back problems (diagnosed by chiro & labeled as treatable with pain control only - I intend to pursue this with my orthopedic surgeon as soon as I can get an appt - probably around Oct unless I get in on a cancel spot)
Currently need left knee replacement, right knee, hip, ankle & one of the upper bars in thigh replaced - cannot do any of this due to current condition of my mom (Alz, stage 7 & I am only relative)
Malignant Migraines

I guess with a list like this, no wonder docs look at me with fear. I have never, nor would I ever sue a physician, yet I think I must look like a legal problem waiting to happen from some of the responses I have gotten upon seeing new docs. My PM doc is the only PM doc I have ever seen, and the only one in the area that would accept me as a patient back when I started seeing him (early 2004). Numerous neurosurgeons are frightened to death of me, but I have a great orthopedic surgeon, he has done 3 surgeries and will pursue the legs as mentioned above when I am ready. Unfortunately, legs don't hurt NEAR as bad as everything else. As we all know, fibro is not 'fixable' just 'manageable' and I do best with water therapy (swimming, water aerobics and some exercising in home hob tub, with hot tub temp around 86-90 for best results).

I am thankful for all your input, but forgot to post the entire picture. And yes, weather does play a big part in where my pain level is, cold and rainy weather are the worst. Thanks so much for caring & I will keep you and all on this site in my prayers.