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thankyou for the welcome home from both of you.
blue......we have'nt gotten anything from the hurricane this time, but when wilma hit we got alot of damage...but were alot better off than alot of people.
when were you going for your injections...i forgot the date already! hope everything goes fine. my tailbone is always hurting..i've broken it twice in the past from falls. maybe this procedure can help me? yes, my doc calls them a virus too...i have been given so many scripts for it between pills to take and salve to put on. they seem to take forever to heal, i hate them!

sweetjersey...thanks for the tips, i will try the vitamins and shampoo, and that kind of lotion. i always use different one...if i like the smell i buy it!
as far as the accident goes...thankyou for asking. i am still in a flare but don't know if it's still related or not. i take flexeril and salsalate daily..very seldom do i need a perc. i have them on hand if needed for a day i can't get out of bed..hope that does'nt happen with this flare, it has in the past. you just never know when with fibro!

thanks again girls.....hoping you have less pain days ahead! take care...bevann