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Aloha! I went to the rheumatologist again this Thursday. I haven't been to one since last summer so I had two new doctors. I've been having pain everywhere for more then a year and a half now and he kind of contradicted himself telling me he didn't have enough info to confirm I was stressed out and that he knew I had this. I have not even thought of being stressed out or worried much about anything really (except worrying about not having anything to ease the pain of course =P, because I'm usually pretty good with spreading my activities, social life and school life pretty well. I think he might've jumped to conclusion when I said I was taking advance and ap classes, but to tell you the truth my advance and ap classes aren't as hard as I thought they would be since I'm usually bored in most of them. I'm now 16 and I have pain in my ankle, knee, hip, ribs, sternum, wrist, elbow, shoulders, and back. I've noticed a few months ago that some of my joints are kind of tender and I'm now having the pain all the time when I'm awake. I've taken several types of pain killer but it doesn't seem to help ease the pain at all. I'm starting now to have really bad head pains for more then 3 weeks now the parts where it does hurts are tender when I push down on it. I've also taken a lot of pain killers and nothing seems to work really my doctor prescribed me some salsalate so I take over 3000mg a day but it doesn't seem to help =/ any help or advice on how to ease the pain would be really great thanks =)