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Sandy (bachel)-

Turn that frown upside down. OK that was lame but I am no counselor. Knew it might make you laugh though it was so bad.

Anyway, I wanted to post again just to reafirm what Carol said in her post(THANKS CAROL!!) I too believe that this WILL end or at least get better. Once we stop believing that.. well you know.

I will keep you posted on my progress since you seem to have the same symtoms.

Regarding the infections that most of us mention having - I spoke with an allergist whom my mom worked for and I went to for 10 years as a kid. He was more like a family friend. He mentioned that once you get an ear infection, it is VERY difficult to get rid of. If TMJ is causing a back up, this makes treatment even more difficult.

His treatment advice for me was:

2-3 days in between each antibiotic.

14 days Ceftin
10 Days Augmentin
14 Days Septra DS

Of course getting my doctor (the allergist I mention is currently in FLA, I am in PA) to buy into that was difficult so I keep going back and back and back to him over and over again. grrr.

I thought of ordering them myself from an overseas pharmacy but I am waiting to see the ENT for the first time.

Please try to remain positive. My finace keeps reminding me that we WILL find an answer.