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Yes tonsils are part of the lymphatic system and they are meant to be centers of infection fighting. Your body captures and concentrates bad bacteria in those centers for attack and disposal. The enlargement usually means a serious battle is going on.

I had enlarged tonsils for years as well and my doctor gave me that line about it being normal for some people. I didn't really believe it but I had no idea what to do and he certainly wouldn't help.

Enlarged tonsils mean infection of some sort and to just leave it alone is only asking for trouble. My tonsil on the right side stuck out almost half way into my throat at times, but I noticed that sometimes it would go down only to reenlarge later. I figured out that this happened when ever I was feeling really good, my tonsil would go down some. When I got sick with a cold or flue, my tonsil would enlarge again. The extra enlargement would last way longer than the sickness did.

Eventually I took 3 antibiotics in a row and each one caused my tonsil to decrease in size. It still wasn't the same size as the other side, but it was down. Then I started taking 2000 IU of vitamin D and that has really caused my tonsil to shrink. Presently it is only slightly swollen and each month it continues to shrink even through colds/flu. This shrinkage has also caused the famous tonsil stones to show up but as each stone leaves (my latest one 3x6 mm) my tonsil shrinks a bit more. I believe the stones are a result of calcified remains of the fight between my body and the bacteria, rather like the hard white stuff you can sometimes get out of a pimple after it's mostly gone away.

So first thing I recommend is start taking 1000 IU of vitamin D and 1000 mg of vitamin C. See if that makes a difference. If it does, then it's an infection for sure and you need to go convince your doctor to give you an antibiotic like zithromax which attacks all kinds of weird bacteria including mycoplasma which other antibiotics can't deal with. If your tonsil problem has been long term, then you will need a longer term antibiotic, like for a month of say doxycycline or septra. Both of those worked well for me and they don't have any significant side effects. Don't forget to get some bacteria pills from the health food store. After you finish the antibiotic you have to replace all the bacteria you killed with some good ones.

I would also recommend you get a thyroid test and some blood tests to test your ability to fight infection. You may find your white cells are down. If your thyroid isn't working properly you can also suffer low grade infections that your body just can't get rid of. That's what happened to me, turned out my thyroid was low. Of course the doctor never bothered to check that, he just said my tonsil problem was "normal". Yeah right!!!

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