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I take it that the antibiotic your on is Zithromax?I never had too much success with Biaxin/Erythromycin except in high/long doses.And since Zithromax is one of them,maybe you need a longer course.A ZPack is what 5 days and keeps working for another 5?Its taken 21+ days of antibiotics to get rid of some of my sinus infections.I think the reccomended amount of time for chronic sinusitis is about 21 days of antibiotics.

Other than steroid nasal sprays(for me flonase is the only one that really works and for me the best results come in using 2x a day vs 1x a day).Drugs like Entex,Panmist,Duratuss always work good too(Guaifenesin and pseudophedrine)....I don't care what anyone says,a nice strong dose of guaifenesin always helps loose my sinus'.I know a lot of other people that swear by it too.If the decongestants are a problem than plain guaifenex or humibid might work.Other than those an antihistamine like Allegra,Claritin,Zyrtec woould be a good idea.I switch between Claritin and Allegra.Allegra D is most helpful when I start getting a real stuffy head.

OTC wise NasalCrom is good,and no side-effects most of the time from it.I would try it before trying the steroid nsasl sprays.

Astelin and Atrovent nasal sprays are also an option,Astelin is an antihistamine spray I believe.

I personally have never experienced decongestanrs causing a rebound effect.Infact I took Allegra D pretty much all spring(allegra + sudafed basically).The only things I've really heard talked about a rebound effect are Decongestant nasal sprays(Afrin etc)

Play around with the antibiotic.We've found that Septra does almost nothing for my sinus infections yet Doxycycline will clear it right up.

Ceftin,Cefzil and that class of antibiotics are considred good sinus infection antibiotics.Levaquin,Avelow and Tequin are too,I don't really reccomend them because of the side-effects they *can* cause.I never had any problems with any of that class of antibiotics except for Cipro..

I think Augmentin is also a good antibiotic for sinus infections.If it wasn't Zithromax you've been on I'm sorry but the Xpack is what made me think Zithro.

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