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I am new here. About 3 months ago my troubles started. Before that I noticed my hair was coming out and felt very brittle. I thought it had to do with getting older and ignored it. In January I came done with what was a bad sinus infection. I started on antibiotics and the infection got better, but I got weaker. I would get off the antibiotics and the infection would come back. I was on my 3rd antibiotic and got so weak I couldn't walk hardly or concentrate for a weak.. My basal body temperature was very low- it actually went down to 95 degrees at one point when I was on septra. I was cold all the time and the doctors didn't know what to do with me. My hair finally stopped falling out during this time. The doctor gave me a TSH test(first one) it was 4.42. He said that was normal. I went to another doctor who took another thyroid test, the TSH was 2.913 and the free T4 was .96.
This doctor said that I didn't have a thyroid problem. I went to my gyn, and told her at this point my pulse rate has dropped 10 points. She felt my thyroid and said it was enlarged; took more tests TSH 3.00, didn't tell me the rest but said it is within normal range. I know at this point the range is much lower. i just took a ultrasound of my thyroid waiting on the results. Have a hive like rash on my face. Strange I don't get rashes easily. I also have an iron deficency; ferritin 16 should be at least 32. What am I to do with this. Am I Hypothyroid. The doctors are so confusing.
Thanks for listening.