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Dear Deb,

This is interesting to me, from the standpoint that my 15 year old son has been ill since November with what some doctors are saying might be CFS. Nothing else seems to fit in their mind. But all along it has really bothered me that he started his symptoms with staph sores on his face, followed by further outbreaks of staph on his leg later on. Throughout the past five mos., he's had six staph sores spread apart by a couple of weeks. Twice he was given antibiotics for the sores, and almost all of his OTHER symptoms disappeared. My, would I ever love to compare notes with YOUR doctor! No one is helping us. In fact, they don't even seem too concerned, and he has had his freshman year of high school destroyed by these mysterious and chronic symptoms. His symptoms are exhaustion, sleepiness, fatigue, confusion of lack of concentration, weakness, dizziness, loss of normal appetite, postural hypotension, and at the onset - low grade fever. His staph is of the Staph Aureus variety. Seemed resistant, in that it recurred after each antibiotic. He was given Ceflex X5 days for the first facial sore (I didn't think that was enough time to take the meds), and Suprax for the next sore on his leg. They both healed the sores and made him feel marked improvement in his other symptoms. Then a few days later, he slid back into his symptoms again. :confused: Finally he got a real bad sore on his leg and I asked the doctor if we could take an antibiotic and refill the dose to be sure he didn't KEEP getting sores (this had worked with his father, who'd started the staph in September). These two rounds of antibiotics (Septra then Omnicef) didn't seem to improve the rest of his health as the first rounds of Ceflex and Suprax had. Disappointing. But you know, your doctor is NOT alone in his theories about staph causing CFS! I have read several posts about animals being tested by vets who believe there's a certain kind of staph attached to the blood PLASMA of CFS victims. What they have given for it, though, sounds a bit bizarre and concerning. They treat these animals successfully with something called Arsenica (I believe I got that right; I know it had the word Arsenic in it! :rolleyes: Anyway, hope someone WILL find a cure. I have a hunch that part of the problem lies in what I believe Chris was saying, that some diagnosed with CFS don't actually have it. They have other illnesses that have similar symptoms, such as adrenal fatigue or Addison's Disease, etc. Surely THEY would not find help in whatever the "cure" for CFS patients is found to be. For there is a problem with curing improperly diagnosed cancer, for instance, with what you would use to cure Asthma!! The dianosis HAS to be correct for the cure to be effective. I wish there was some way for you to be able to communicate information about your doctor to me. I'd very much like to speak to him.
Best of health, Tracy