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Is it possible or am I crazy? Lab tests are all negative but then again everything about this (even being male) is pretty atypical.

It all started when I took the antibiotic Septra DS two years ago and developed swollen knuckles.

It didn't last too long and they wrote it off as a virus. But ever since then my life has mysteriously gone downhill.

With the exception of the brief joint swelling and extreme hypertension (170/100 before treatment - unexplained and unheard of in a healthy young male) there isn't much for doctors to observe.

First it was the terrible fatigue and joint pains for over a year. I saw a psychiatrist and got some relief from antidepressants - but not much (no history of depression in my family).

At the same time my mental functioning slowly went downhill. I tried so hard but could no longer concentrate well enough to stay in school (I had graduated at the top of my class).

Reading over the diagnostic criteria I notice that at a young age I was quite allergic to insect bites - particularly bee stings. I've always been very claustrophobic which has gotten much worse lately.

And then what is most interesting is that for about five years (otherwise largely asymptomatic at the time) I had what I now realize is Pleurisy - a bad pain in a specific part of my chest whenever I breath in.

During a flare I also develop a dry mouth and start getting small sores in my mouth. I can no longer stay in the sun without burning and it also is one of the worse triggers for my symptoms. I really try to avoid sunlight these days (I used to tan very well).

Think it might be Lupus?