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Well, I went back to my doctor and....

My urinalysis showed white blood cells this time, no blood or protein soooooo, he is going to treat for a kidney infection with Septra (a sulfa antibiotic which may be interesting as I've heard this can cause flares in some lupus folk, how many does anyone know?). I have to take 2 pills per day for five days. He told me to watch for worsening lupus flare and if that happened to let him know and we would chart it as an allergy so I wouldn't have it again. I also reported my nausea and persistent swelling which he documented but I don't know if he knew what to make of them. I also asked about Provigil for fatigue and he gave me a script to try it out but I'm waiting for approval from my insurance company before I can fill it, it's very expensive and only FDA approved for narcolepsy I guess. It was a good visit. I also told him that I really feel like my underactive thyroid is a contributing factor to my icky feelings and asked for a full thyroid panel and not just a TSH to look for any abnormalities that may surface, if not I said at least it would be ruled out before I went to the rheumatologist in October. I think he's excited for my appt too, I know I am especially now that it's getting closer.

Can I ask you all something about that? I'm considering going off my ibuprophen about a week or so before and just "getting by" and then also maybe playing outdoors in the sunshine more than week to see if I can visibly worsen any symptoms like bring on joint swelling which isn't always present but needs to be observed to be diagnosed I read. I just hate to wait for four months and drive 400 miles just to have her say, I don't see any of these symptoms you've mentioned, why don't you go home, get sicker and then come back later. I'm probably just paranoid because that's what the last guy told me. Anyway that's a little update.
Anyone have a reaction to sulfa drugs??? What's it like? How soon did it develop? Well love to all of you and wishing you well, there was my little update.