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By the way to Vee and Angelic--
Thank you for your information!! I will be sure to add that to my newly streamlined symptom list to show to the rheumatologist on October 26th---holy cow, it feels like I've been waiting forever (because I have been, well at least all summer) and it's finally getting here, I'm so excited and nervous too. The levido reticularis thing I have from time to time, it usually isn't severe but it is noticeable on my legs, feet, arms. I really notice when I'm working at night and I get cold, my arms will turn purple and I have the lace like web thing going on but it goes away too, is that still livido reticularis? Funny thing too, I've been taking Septra for 5 days now and had about an hour of very weird purple splotches on my face that only lasted like an hour but the livido reticularis looking stuff on the tops of my feet was very purple and noticeable for about 24 hours after the first day of taking it. Is that an allergy or just my own personal weirdness? Anyway, hope you're all lovely! You two are both incredibly informative and I just have no idea what the rest of us would do without your expertise!
Take care and hang in there!