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Hello all--
Well a little update from me and some questions too. I've been taking Septra for four days now (last day is tomorrow) because I had white cells in my urine. I've had dull but ever present right sided kidney pain for a while now, also had flu (I guess) with high fever and at that time, blood in my urine. Well my doc just did a urinalysis and not a culture (I knew I should have asked for that specifically) and well I don't feel any different at all. I asked today when they called with thyroid results (all w/in normal range) and they said that if I hadn't noticed improvement yet, I probably didn't have an infection and needed to come in to see about the next step (he mentioned a CT scan to look for stones or inflammation maybe). I told them since the pain wasn't severe I would wait until next week and get back to them (going out of town Friday to see grandma and grandpa in SLC).
Now for my questions.... My doc told me to watch for adverse reactions when taking this drug as some people with lupus react badly or have allergies to sulfa where they haven't before. I can't say that my lupus flared any worse. But I did have a couple rashes show up briefly after it had been in my system about 12 hours or so. My face felt really hot and when I looked at it in the mirror, it was splotchy purple like after you've been crying a lot but especially over my nose cheeks and eyes. This only lasted an hour though, itched like crazy by my eyes. I also noticed what looks like livido reticularis very visible on the tops of my feet (gone now) but it was a much deeper purple and more visible than I've ever seen it. Today in the shower I had a couple big circular areas of the "splotchy's" on my abdomen and chest that have gone away now. None of these lasted long at all so I'm wondering if this was an allergic type thing or just weird me? Do I need to tell my doctor?
Thank you all for everything! Please take care of yourselves and hang in there!
Hi, Shawnee.

How are you doing now? Did you speak to your dr. about possibly reacting to the Septra?

You know, the nastiest thing about needing such drugs---or something in a different (non-sulfa) class---is that the very problems you need them FOR may be sprouting right & left largely due to your underlying condition. Like you, I was seeing my GP through a revolving door in the few yrs. prior to Dx.

By the by, I just checked my notes from my first appts. with my rheumie. Re: sulfa drugs, he said call him first---not a complete ban but a strong statement that if there's something else available, that's what he'd look for.

What date in Oct. is your S.L.C. appt? You could add the sulfa antibiotic issue to your list of questions---which I bet you've been writing up during these last weeks. I hope you had a decent day. Hang in there! Always, Vee
Thank you all for your responses!
I did call my doctor's office and say... "by the way I don't know if this was because of the Septra or just because I'm weird but I did have some brief episodes of new rashes while taking this drug. I just thought that I should let the doctor know". She said she would be sure to tell him. I'll have to go back sometime in the near future to discuss my kidney thing which obviously isn't an infection so I'll be sure to make him aware that it happened and ask him what he thinks about it whether it was a reaction or not. Vee, when you mentioned the revolving door to your GP, I feel like that so much. I even told the girl on the phone that she probably rolls her eyes every time she sees my phone number come up on their caller ID because here I am calling again. But I am very excited (and stressing a little just because I'm not sure what to expect) for my rheumatologist visit on October 26th!! I'm trying to prepare some things like a symptom list and history notes (because otherwise my mind will go blank once I get there) but I don't want to overwhelm the doctor either. At the same time, I have been waiting so long and feel so desperate for any kind of relief and help in a way that I want to be sure and give her a clear picture of exactly what's been going on. What was your first visit to your rheumatolgist like?? Well anyway, you know it is strange that if this was a reaction to sulfa that would make two new drug allergies within the last three months (codeine and Septra) to things I have taken plenty of times before without a problem, weird huh?? But I guess if I am autoimmune girl that a hyperactive immune system could trigger more allergies in general right? Well, talk to you all soon. Hope you're doing well!