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Hi everyone!!
I just have another question. I have developed a new rash but I'm unsure as to if it's related/caused by lupus or if it's just some weird thing I've got going. I did find a picture of it on a dermatology website under SLE but it didn't have a name or description so I could research more about the characteristics of it, just a picture. It started when I was taking Septra but even though I've been off that for a while now it is still coming back daily. I always, always, always notice it after a shower (I must be allergic to water because that's one of the times my malar rash will become more prominent if it is present as well :) ). It is itchy, looks like welts, it's red and white and splotchy. It doesn't last long at all. I always get it on my chest but have also noticed it on my neck, face, arms, abdomen, and legs. So far, it seems to resolve within an hour or so of appearing but then I'll notice little places where it returns throughout the day. My chest however (where it is the worst and largest) seems to always be a bit splotchy looking. I have red and white dots inside my hands (also found a picture of this on under SLE on a dermatology website) and it looks a lot like that. I just wondered if anybody else had it or if it is Lupus related if you know what it's called so I can research a bit more about it. Anyway, thank you all!! Sorry to hear you've got the flu Vee, hope you're doing okay!!