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This board seems to be really sweet, warm place to be. I sense a lot of love since all you wonderful girls are in this together....

I am very sad and frustrated right now and i have some questions for you. I am 30 years old, caught a bug about a year ago from my girlfriend or boyfriend (i'm bisexual). I've decided i'd like to settle in and find me a man to marry and have a kid. This is just all very bad. I have always been in awesome health, been into mountain climbing, tennis, etc. Now, for the past year, i have:

Swollen ovaries
Tender abdomen
Burning urination
Sensitive urethra and clitoris
Specific pain in tubes/ovaries (very bad)

This all began 2 weeks following sex with my ex boyfriend or my ex girlfriend (i have no idea who). I have tested neg for all STDS. I have no STDS according to the swab or the urine test. I have taken these anti-biotics and if i don't stay on a antibiotic, my reproductive system is on fire.

started w/ doxycycline,
tried septra
tried cipro
tried cephalexin

Cephelexin seems to keep the symptoms down. If i quit, i might as well make myself a grave and lie in it, it's so bad. The doctor keeps telling me i have IC (cystitis). I know better. I have an infection that is going undetected and I don't know what it is and neither do the docs. It all points to my old sexual partners. I know this one thing for a fact:

**my ex-boyfriend's girlfriend had a tubal pregnancy
**his ex recently confirmed for me that she experiences the same symptoms and has for several years to no avail

I don't plan on talking to his ex again, it's just plain awkward. So i know i have an infection. MY QUESTION: have you guys, any of you with infertility dealt with this situation? and if you have...did it leave you infertile? what did you do to fix it? Is this what they call salpingitis in the world of infertility and tubal infection? Please advice..........