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5 yr. old son. Has had spot on leg now for 5 months. First swab test lab result said (staff infection bacteria) couple weeks later another swab test result from lab said (empitigo bacteria) he has (I) used 3 tubes bactroban and 3 rounds now of septra antibiotic. The spot has improved but is still there. It would run and crust and scab over just looked awful. The scab was so black is what made me know it was something different going on. To ease my mine they did blood work which just showed Iron binding capacity (13) and the complement was told is normally like 88 to 101 his is (87). Should i be worried and if so what elso could or needs to be checked? And, white blood-normal and Hodgkins rate-normal. else was he said fine. If he accidently rubs the spot againts something it start coming back gets puffy red and looks like trying to run. I am covering it again now and using bactroban again. From the beginning have always kept it covered with the bandages they told me to use and kept it clean. He saw a dermotologist too. If spot touched upper leg it spread Derm. doc called it (kissing). Has been there since March 2003. He had physical and shots for school (age 5) and it showed up 3 days later. Looked at first like a excema spot. Used Elidel. 2nd week it was looking bad and started seeing doctors then.