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hi...i have a five year old daughter and one year old son. we chose mirena for birth control 6 mo. after our son was born. we thought it was a good choice. i just had my mirena removed yesterday 12/19 after 7 months of unexplained health issues. the problems i had were severe lower and upper back pain, pain and numbness in my extremities, bad headaches, spotting, heavy periods lasting more than 8 days, very bad acne breakouts with scarring, stomach burning, abdominal bloating and bladder pressure.

i saw my md when my symptoms began. she referred me to several other doctors and for several advanced tests (cat, mri, urine, blood) she referred me to a gyn who did a manual vaginal check of the mirena and told me that it was in its proper place. when i mentioned the abdominal pressure and frequent urination after sex with my husband she told me "that happens to many women. just take this rx for septra an antibiotic and take it after you have sex."

my md wrote me off as having fibromyalgia and mild depression because the tests showed nothing. i was about to move to another country did not really want to go, had and was nursing a new baby. i was baffled and unpleased with her diagnosis and told her so. she and i got into a heated office discussion one day. when i challenged her diagnosis she said that my state at that time demonstrated her thoughts. so she told me to take zoloft 100mg and nexium

i currently live in west africa. i found a new doctor. he did an in office sonogram on my first visit to him. he found that the mirena had been inserted too low and was trying to expel itself. he told me that the mirena was the cause of most of my problems. mainly because my prior doctor did not insert it properly. she inserted it too low and it never went into my uterus as it should have. he told me that i could have even gotten pregnant because it was not in properly and therefore not doing its job. when i mentioned to him that i had it check at the three month mark he said that it should have been checked via sonogram, not manually because you can't tell if its in properly that way, you can only feel the string.

this past week i was in severe pain radiating from lower to upper back, my legs, feet, arms and hands. i also experienced numbness in my hands and feet. i did not know that mirena was causing my problems. i was beginning to think i was dying. i am relieved that it has been removed. i do not plan to have another iud.

if you decide to use the mirena, my recommendation is to make sure your doctor inserts it properly and does a follow up sonogram at the three month mark. please have it removed if you have any problems.