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I have been experiencing many different symptoms over the last (almost) 2 yrs. and each are slowly getting diagnosed but everyone keeps telling me that it's stress, or nothing that can be resolved beyond what I'm already doing. I am not seeing much improvement and I think I may have fibro. I'm just so sick and tired of everyone telling me it's nothing or "just stress". Can you all give me your thoughts, please!?

Here is what I've been experiencing, specialists I've seen, and the med I am taking:

Starting in Aug 04, all in the same month, WHAM! I had:

pain in my lower right pelvic area (later found it was an ovarian cyst...had never had one before). Denied birth control pills because I can't tolerate them (melasma, weight gain, irritability). The pain got worse and finally was referred to OBGYN 6 months ago. Had lap surgery 2 weeks ago and they found endometriosis. Now have been diagnosed with such....they removed the cyst and tied my tubes.

undiagnosed (so far) skin rash: Started out with hive like places after I would eat....red welt like blotchy places all over my body. Saw an allergist who did some food allergy testing. Didn't show conclusive results because my skin reacted to the control! They put me on Claritin and that helped. Went off of it for the allergy testing and then went back on it. Didn't work anymore so he put me on Zyrtec. That seems to help keep it away. Since my endo surgery 2 weeks ago, however, the GYN said I've developed an allergic reaction to the glue they used on the incisions. My abdomen is itching and rash-like (comes and goes). Told me to use hydrocortisone cream (doesn't help). Since my surgery, I've also had breakthrough places of the rash on my legs and abdomen and arms. Rash appears, now, whether I eat or not. Seems my skin is very very sensitive? I couldn't wear my wedding rings (yellow gold) for almost 2 years but just recently put them back on to try again and so far there is very little rash under my rings. I have no idea what is causing the reaction to everything! I continue to take Zyrtec.

Had gallbladder pain also. Had my gallbladder removed in Feb 05.

Had a cyst on the back on my neck. Had been out one day with my kids and had several mosquito bites. Just assumed the cyst on my neck was a bug bite but it didn't itch. The cyst got bigger and more painful, finally in April of 05 (8 months later), I had it drained. They cultured it and it came back as Nocardia! Something not usually seen in people unless they are immuno-compromised, which at the time, I had not been diagnosed as such. They asked me if I had an immunity problem or if I'd been out of the country. Apparently nocardia is VERY rare. Saw ID dr's for that. Took Septra (antibiotic) for 3 months, had to go in 2 xs a month to have it drained and it went away. The dr's were treating me like a freak of nature as I was not at risk, according to my past health. However, at the time, I didn't think much of it so now I am wondering......hmmmm......

Suddenly experienced anxiety and depression. After almost a year of that, I went to my dr and now I am on Zoloft for that. It helps.

In May of 05 I suddenly had weakness on the right side of my body. Saw a Neuro and the exam was completely normal. It finally went away but I don't know why I had that. I occasionally get weakness in my muscles but not all on one side like that. He did an MRI and it was normal.

That's what I had happen to me all at once. Of course it took a long time (years) to get each of these diagnosed but I still do not feel well....VERY tired....I am able to do my daily routine (I'm a stay at home mom to 2 kids who are 5 and 4 yrs old) but I don't do much more than the minimum. I am also experiencing chronic low back pain for the last 4 years. I dislocated my tailbone during childbirth of my son and have had chronic low back pain since. I have gone thru 2 different PT's for that. One to put the tailbone back in place and the other to address my low back pain. The PT for low back pain didn't help. I have had a lot of stress in my life the last 3 years. My husband did a very demanding residency and basically raised the kids on my own for 3 years, while I was experiencing these symptoms. But, he's out of the residency now and I feel like I'm not as stressed anymore. That part of my life has gotten much better!!

I have seen the following specialists: GYN, ID, Allergist, Neurologist, Orthopedic Dr (Had MRI done of my back, was ok). I currently take Zoloft and Zyrtec and at night I take Tylenol PM because my back hurts too much at night if I don't take it. I've had 3 surgeries: Gallbladder, endo and brain surgery (in 1990) for seizures. That issue is resolved now and has been for at least 15 years. My primary dr has ruled out lyme disease, thyroid issues, blood work is normal, no anemia, tested for autoimmune disorders and it was neg. Can you still have it even though the result was ok? Basically, they have ruled out everything possible. I'm going to see a Rheumatologist soon. I have to call next week and schedule the appt. My dr was reluctant to put the referral in as he doesn't think I have an autoimmune disorder. I also have tingling in my muscles (neck and shoulder area), my upper back just kills me as well as my lower back, at times, my muscles sometimes twitch in my thigh, arm and eye. I generally feel unwell and feel cold a lot too. I hate feeling so lousy and I'm only 34!

Sorry this is so long but can you all please tell me it's not all in my head and it's not "just stress"? Could it be FM?

Thanks so much!!!