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Ok so here's my story. I get sick VERY easily. When I was younger I was constantly in the hospital for numerous things. I had severe ear aches and nose bleeds. Almost everyday. They took out my lymnodes and i never had ear aches or nose bleeds again until a couple years ago. I probley have a cold or flu at least every two months!! A few years ago ( when I was 18, I'm 22 now ) i got a really bad flu that lasted for two weeks and I lost about 20 pounds as a result. Anyways when I had a bath one night I saw these little red bumps under my left breast. i thought it was just a rash so I ignored it for a day but when I told my boyfriend about it he looked at it and told me to go to the doc. I turns ou that it was shingles ( apparently it is uncommon in younger people only older people with low immune systems get it ) But I was just getting over a flu so the doc said I probley got it because my body was working so hard to fight off the flu. Then this year I had an extremley bad sinus cold which lead to an ear infection and then a ruptured ear drum. I don't know if I just have bad luck with getting sick or could I possibly have a low immune system. Is there a test your doc can do or is just how often you get sick. is there meds for it as well. I've tried taking multi vitamins and i find that i still get sick. i hate going to the doctor but I JUST got over a cold two days ago and now I have another one!!!!! Also I am allegic to lots of meds, penicillan, codiene, illosone, septra and keflex, so I am limited to the meds i can take. Any response would be very helpful. Thank You