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I am 37 and had laminectomy, though I did not need fusion. I went to PT 3 times per week for almost 6 months. (insurance only paid for 6 weeks but my awesome PT offered me a great to pay & come on my own to do my exercises, I just couldnt get the tens & heat theray). And I strongly believe (as does my PT & surgeon) that doing the exercises for all that time before surgery is helping my recovery after surgery. Don't get me wrong, there is definitely pain after surgery, but for me anyway, it was pain from the incision, which was fine by me b/c I knew that would gradually go away, and it has.

Septra and Bactrim are both sulfa antibiotics and it is known that people with lupus tend to be more allergic to these drugs. I ended up with a 104 fever, huge hives on my entire body, swelling, turned bright red, then developed a horrific dark purple rash all over my body (looked like I had leprosy or something). Needless to say I had to rush to the emergency room and got injected with prednisone, benadryl..and something else. The rash I got took almost 3 months to go away. So be VERY careful about these drugs!

I seem to have some healing problems when im in a flare but maybe b/c mine is more under control now, my surgical wound seems to be healing very nicely, thank god. I used to get bad sinusitis infections but since my current rheumy has been treating me, they don't seem to be as bad anymore. However, I never had a staph infection..and I do know that can be dangerous. I just saw a documentary about staph and MRSA in one hospital that was caused by improper procedures by staff (bad hygiene, not washing or sterlizing things well, etc...) and they actually admitted to it, investigated it, and are taking steps to make the risk as little as possible. It can happen in tatoo parlors, nail salons, piercers, etc..when they don't sterilize things properly or wash properly, etc...Of course i'm not a doc, so i cant say what keeps causing it in you - just noting some known causes of it.

My surgeon say my recouperation time would be about 6-8 weeks (that's on average). My next appt. will be at my 8 week mark, so he may let me go back to work then. THANKFULLY...I do have a full-time job to go back to and actually they were all quite supportive and also pushed me to get the surgery. I was hesitant at first, afraid of flaring, afraid of complications, afraid of surgery as Id never had one before. But I am 37 and was at the point I could no longer walk upright and couldnt walk or stand for more than a minute or so from the pain, which also caused spasms not only in my lower back, but also in my neck, face, shoulders...I couldnt imagine getting any worse. Even my coworkers thought I would end up in a wheel chair soon..they told me to please just have the surgery and I would feel so much better. I did have it, and they were right. I still have lupus and my other joints are aching, but the worst pains from my spinal condition are now gone. What a huge load off!

If you decide on surgery, make sure you have a good surgeon, a good hospital, and most importantly, a good outlook for yourself! And make your concerns known to your docs & hospital about your staph infections, or any other concerns you have. Then again, in your pre-admission testing, the hosptial should be asking you lots of questions about your health. If you think they didnt ask about something you get, then let them know about it anyway. Thanks for your prayers & i'll do the same for you!