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I have had chronic urticaria I believe from Blastocystis Hominis for 9 months .Every morning the hives appear although sometimes they start in the evening , first as a burning or tingling then as a small spots. By the next morning they may be 1/2 across and raised. Pressure and heat make them worse. Antihistamines seem to help. The only abnormal test has been a positive fecal test for blastocystis hominus for the last four months despite flagyl treatments twice . The first time for one week then for two weeks along with septra for two weeks . I have found similar cases whose chronic hives were cured once the blasto was eliminated. Does anyone have any suggestions for treatment or similar infection with the Blastocystis. My doctor wants to try Iodoquinol but it is not available here in Canada until Jan/07 . Blood tests, Allergy tests have been normal and elimination diets have not helped The only thing has been consistent is this parasite which I can't seem to shake. Comments or suggestions would be appreciated