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Hello gang,

Well, the results of the MRI are good! Basically, there's no damage, etc to any of my discs. It found that I had some trauma to one of my vertebrae when I was young - like a small fracture. Also, 2 nerves fused together at the base of my spine when I was an infant. My Neuro wasn't really able to tell me why I experienced the symptoms, but I was happy with the results, nonetheless.

Some other things that have been going on since the nerve thing happened:

The day that I saw my GP for his advice on the nerve issue, I had diahrrea, which I attributed to being scared (see title ;) ). I didn't advise my doc of this symptom though. He sent me for blood/lab for diabetes and metabolism, which both turned out fine. Well, the diahrrea didn't subside, and so 2 weeks later (last Tues) I returned to him to advise him that I was having diarhrrea for 2 weeks straight, itchiness, and anxiety. He prescribed me Septra for my stomach, and an allergy med to deal w/ the itchiness and anxiety. I had been sleeping for ~8-10 hours/night before I started on these meds, but the first night on the meds I slept 15 hours! For the next 2 days I was extremely sleepy, still having diarhrea, and sleeping 12 hours/night. On Friday, I called my GP and told him what was goin on, and he told me to stop taking the meds. The next day, I stopped having diahrrea and rested all weekend. I'm still weak, and scared, even though my nerve issue has subsided, the MRI was good, and my bm's were getting more solid. I've also lost about 10lbs or so...

My question is: is there a link between nerve problems and g.i. problems? I've also been experiencing (and I'm embarrased to say this) penis shrinkage and clamminess (sp?) this whole time, which is uncomfortable, and is most worrisome. I figured it was a reaction to the bacteria/infection, or whatever was going on in my stomach, but it's still present as I type this, and I don't know what to do about it??

Thanks for all of your replies, again. I feel relief at the MRI, but now I continue to have symptoms that scare the poop out of me! (pun intended).