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Two weeks ago, I started having pain in my neck and head. I thought that I could feel lumps in my head, but I wasn't sure, as my head feels lumpy always. I went to the doctor after a week and was misdiagnosed as muscle spasms. Two days later, in severe pain in the lumps in my head, and the doctor said she was about 99% sure that I had MRCA, but could not be positive until a culture was done, but that she could not do a culture as the places on my head and ear were not "oozing" yet. She put me on Septra, and told me if I was not "significantly better" in 2 days, to come back. It has been 5 days, and I have researched MRSA on the internet, and my symptoms seem to have changed a little bit. I am beginning to wonder if she was incorrect in her diagnosis as well. I have a couple places on my ear that have sort of scabbed over, but never "oozed". I have a few places on my scalp that feel as if they are beginning to scab. I still have two lumps behind my ear. I have a few new places popping up on my neck, but are not getting the knots that I felt in my head. and the muscle under my ear, going down to my neck is still so sore I can hardly stand it. But more than that......I have now started itching. Itching terribly. Can't seem to get any relief from the itching. It itches like I have a rash or something, but nothing is there.

Everything that I have researched on the internet, shows pictures of MRSA with these horrible, open wounds...some very large. It speaks of people with fevers. But I have not seen anything about the two main symptoms I have. Which is SEVERE pain on my head and neck where the lumps began, and now the intense itching.

Also, everything I have read talks about how completely contagious MRCA is, and while she did tell me that it was contagious, I didn't think it was a big deal. I am afraid now (after researching on the internet), that if I do have MRCA, that I have exposed all my fellow employees and family. If it was THAT contagious, wouldn't she have warned me?

Has anyone else had symptoms like me? Or do you think this was a incorrect diagnosis as well?

Thank you, and sorry for the long post.